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Multigrain Activate Tea

Improve your body’s metabolism with AGV Multigrain Activate Tea!

Made with Japanese Okinawa mountain bitter gourd (process patent license no. 2116101) which guarantees the standard and quality of your detox tea. It is combined with a variety of tea extracts to improve fat and overall body metabolism.

Why choose AGV Multigrain Activate Tea?

Passion Fruit Sparkling Water

With micro bubbles, the unique burbling mouthfeel stimulates your tongue and triggers unlimited imaginations.

After refrigeration, the cool and refreshing feel even magnify the taste of this drink.
Minor magnesium is added to replenish the ran-off minerals.
The passion fruit’s sour and sweet taste distinguishes it from other sparkling drinks in the market. The lingering taste lasts till the last drop.

Organic Oat Drink

Health -improved formula -Possess various health benefits, which is rich in vitamin B group, iron ,zinc and magnesium.

Contains water-soluble dietary fiber which can effectively lower LDL cholesterol.

Apple Peach Tea

The sweet peach accompanied with sweet sour apple, to go with dense, rich black tea, which

creates a flavor with perfect proportion, just identical to the sensation of falling in love.

Naturally sweetness, your first choice for the great summer time.

Bomy Guava Juice

The guava juice is thick and smooth, contains rich Vitamin C.


Black Eight Treasures

Black Eight Treasure is the perfect choice of dessert made with the finest of 8 precious grains & seeds – black beans, black glutinous rice, oats, coix seed, red beans, mung beans, longan, and black sesame seeds.

Bernachon Coffee

Mandhel Flavor.

• Selected high-quality raw materials, containing more than 50% milk
• Carefully baked, ground, with cloth dripping method
• Fine and rich texture
• Free all the beautiful essence of coffee beans
• Consume it cold or hot.

Grapefruit Green Tea

With refreshing tea fragrance and pleasant grapefruit scent. A sweet and sour good taste.


Buckwheat Tea

AGV’s Buckwheat Tea is thirst quenching, which helps in reducing body heatiness. It is caffeine free, thus a healthier option as your daily tea.

Peanut Milk Soup

Protein-rich goodness in a dessert – what more could you ask for! The classic traditional taste from more than 30 years is not missed, coupled with a rich, milky aroma to complete your after-dinner snack!

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