Member points Terms & Conditions

1: You must be a member of ASHUI, if you are not yet a member, please sign up here today.

2: For every purchase of S$25 in a single transaction, 1 point will be awarded. Any transaction of less than S$25, no points will be awarded.
Eg: S$26 spent = 1 point
S$48 spent = 1 point
S$52 spent = 2 points
S$100 spent = 4 points

3: Redemption method: Every 1 point can be redeem to offset S$1.50 (the accumulated points will be used as a deduction for the next purchase)

4: Points expiry: there is no expiry of accumulated points

5: Cancellation of the sales order: If the order has used points, if it is cancelled or refunded, the points will be used to make up the personal points within 7 days

6: Note: If the purchase amount does not qualify for free shipping, the points cannot be used to offset the shipping fee.

7: Ashui Points: This point activity is a reward for members, and the company reserves all rights to stop without any notification.

8: In an event of dispute, Ashui reserves the right to make final decision and amend the Terms & Conditions from time to time.

9:Points cannot be used on promotional items


EX:26元(滿25元)送1點 ,48元(滿1個25元)送一點,52元(滿2個25元)送2點..以此類推