純濃燕麥 (Expiry:16/08/2022)

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Oat is not only a staple in Western countries but is also internationally recognized as a healthy diet choice. The American TIME magazine also included “Oat” as the only grain in their recommendation for the ten best healthy foods. Oat is also the first grain being verified to have precious nutritious value by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). AGV Food & Health Research Institute uses the latest biotechnology, Dual Enzyme Hydrolysis, and took the lead in releasing the “Oatmeal Drink” that retains oat’s nutritious essence. It is so creamy, mellow, and naturally sweet that you will be able to enjoy 100% of oat’s healthiness whenever and wherever you are with this drink.

◎燕麥是歐美國家的主食之一,更是目前國際社會早已公認的保健食品,根據美國《時代雜誌》評選,『燕麥』為榖纇中唯一榮獲最佳十大推薦的營養食品,更是第一種經美國食品藥物管理局(FDA)確認具有保健營養的榖類。 ◎愛之味健康科學研究所,運用最新生物科技雙酵微分解技術(Dual Enzyme Hydrolysis),領先推出保留燕麥營養精華的『純濃燕麥』,口感滑順香醇、自然甘甜,是一款可以讓您隨時隨地、輕鬆方便享用的100﹪燕麥營養品



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