Pon Pon Body Wash – Shine & Moisturize

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[Plump, supple and resilient skin! Super repairing power – Centella Asiatica] Top quality skincare ingredient – Centella Asiatica extract, combined with highly effective Hyaluronic Acid, can provide deep hydration to enhance skin protection, keeping the skin always moisturized in a plumper, suppler, more resilient condition.
[Super healthy skin! CMC Gentle Cleansing Technology] The body wash adopts skin-friendly cleansing formula derived from high-quality plant sources, and has been verified by laboratory and scientific research* to be able to gently wash away dust and oil, protect the skin, and maintain skin health.
[Super happy body and mind! Classic charming Fragrance] The delicate texture and rich foam with romantic and elegant fragrance, bring extra pleasure to bathing. Deeply moisturizing factor, scented with dreamy and sophisticated aroma, replenishes the skin to restore the fair and clear appearance. The addition of camellia essence provides hydration and protection, making the skin silky and vibrant.

【肌膚澎嫩彈!  超級美肌修護力-積雪草】專櫃級護膚成分-積雪草美肌萃,結合高效玻尿酸,深層補水,提升肌膚防禦力,肌膚時刻水潤,更澎、嫩、彈 !

【肌膚好健康! CMC溫和淨膚科技】 源自優質植物來源之親膚潔淨配方,經科研實證*,能溫和洗淨髒污油垢,保護肌膚屏障,維持肌膚健康。

【身心好愉悅!  經典迷人香氛】 細緻質地與綿密泡沫,蘊含浪漫高雅香氛,帶給沐浴愉悅感受。

深層滋潤因子,搭配浪漫高雅香氛,肌膚彈潤白淨。 添加山茶花精華,提供潤澤與保護,讓肌膚彈力細緻。


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