Ghost Festival Limited Edition



◆Sweet chili Sauce 甜辣醬 165g x1 Bottle

◆Spicy Chili Sauce 漢方麻辣醬 165g x1 Bottle

◆Pickled Melon in Sauce 蔭瓜 140g x1 Bottle

◆Wheat Gluten with Peanuts 土豆麵筋 170g x 1 Bottle

◆Peeled Chilis 綠美人剝皮辣椒 200g x 1 Bottle

◆Pickled Cucumber in Soy Sauce 鮮味脆瓜 180g x 1 Bottle

◆Kimchi 韓式泡菜  190g x 1 Bottle

◆Pickled Bamboo Shoot Strips 珍保玉筍 180g x 1 Bottle

◆Vegetarian Barbecue Sauce 素食沙茶醬  120g x 1 Bottle

◆Pickled Lettuce in Soy Sauce 青脆菜心  140g x 1 Bottle

◆Tuna Slice 鮪魚片  185g x 1 Bottle

◆Marinated Radish (Strips)  武林菜 120g x 1 Bottle

◆Peanut Milk Soup 牛奶花生 340g x 1 Can

Peanut Soya Beancurd 花生豆花 340g x 1 Can

Peanut Rice Milk 花生米奶  340g x 1 Can

Adlay Oatmeal Deluxe 薏仁寶 340g x 1 Can

◆Mung Bean with Adlay Dessert 綠豆意人爽 340g x 1 Can

Iced Sweet Soup with Grass Jelly 冰燒仙草 340g x 1 Can

Neo Neo Pearls 妞妞珍珠圓 260g x 1 Can

Walnut Oatmeal 忘不了核桃麥粥 340g x 1 Can

◆Grape Cranberry Juice 葡萄蔓越莓綜合果汁 980ml  x 1 Bottle


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