Antibacterial Laundry Detergent
白鴿 抗菌洗衣精-棉花籽護纖

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Natural Antibacterial Laundry Detergent-
Cotton seed fiber protection

◆99% Anti-house dust mite and antibacterial rate, mild and gentle to the hands.

◆With natural fiber enzymes which can thoroughly remove tough stains and neutral formula which contains no fluorescent agent to protect clothing fibers and against forming of lint balls.

◆The breeze-like refreshing fragrance gives the family a good mood for a whole day.

白鴿 天然抗菌洗衣精-棉花籽護纖

◆防蹣抗菌率99% 溫和不傷手 

◆天然纖維酵素 徹底洗淨髒污 中性配方 不含螢光劑 保護衣物纖維 避免毛球產生 



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