Peanut Milk Latte

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(1) Well-known and preferable (classic dainty of Taiwan): It takes Milk Peanut Soup of A.G.V. that enjoys high popularity as the starting point to go into the dairy drink market that is growing continuously. We adopt the carefully selected high-quality peanuts, and keep the aroma of peanuts, create the authentic Taiwanese flavor that can arouse the childhood memory, and enhance and glorify the classic dainty that has been inherited for more than twenty years.
(2) Healthy benefits: Peanuts contains polysaccharide and unsaturated fatty acid! By matching the classic peanuts with the rich milk fragrance, A.G.V. has created the savor of happiness that you will get addicted to it after drinking it.
(3) More ways to taste (creative new way of drinking): To pour it out, and heat by microwave; it presents a classic flavor by adding a fried dough stick into it. It’s healthy and tasty by adding oatmeal into it!       

(1)well-known and preferable(台灣經典美味):由愛之味牛奶花生的高知名度為起點,切入持續成長的乳飲品市場。採用嚴選優質花生,完整保留花生香氣,創造喚醒兒時回憶的道地台灣口味,將承襲二十多年的經典美味發揚光大。
(2)Healthy benefits:花生含多醣體、不飽和脂肪酸!愛之味將經典花生搭配濃郁奶香,創造出讓您喝了會上癮的幸福口味。
(3)More ways to taste(創意新喝法):倒出來,微波加熱;加油條,經典風味。加麥片,健康有味!


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