Peanut Rice Milk

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[With National Certification] This is the very first can dessert product that adopts the peanuts grown by contractual farming system coached by the North Region of the Agricultural and Food Agency Council of Agriculture, the Executive Yuan, and it has been approved and registered as a TAP (Traceable Agricultural Product); therefore, consumers can feel safer to buy.
[Taiwan Grown Peanuts & Computer Screening] Strict standards are set for computer to screen the peanut’s quality. We only adopt fresh, highest quality Taiwan local giant peanuts. Absolutely no pesticides residues and no aflatoxin.
[Nutrition Upgrade (Patent No.I2443810)] By adopting the patented brown rice grown by Dr. Hung, Chien-Lung, known as the Father of Taiwan’s Germinated Brown Rice, the product contains natural dietary fiber and GABA (y-Aminobutyric Acid). GABA is able to help stabilize emotions and enhance sleeping quality.
[Exclusive Production Technology] A.G.V.’s R&D team follows the ancient method used in the countryside to cook rice milk. Hence, not only the rice milk contains rich peanut flavors, but the silky and soft texture of the peanuts can only be found in A.G.V. Peanut Rice Milk.

【國家認證】 甜點罐頭市場首支由行政院農糧署北區技術輔導本土契作花生,並授權在罐身上,擁有產銷履歷,讓消費者購買更安心。


【營養再升級(專利字號第I244381號) 】 採用台灣發芽米之父洪建龍博士之專利玄米,富含天然膳食纖維、GABA(γ胺基丁酸),GABA可幫助穩定情緒,增進睡眠品質。




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