Pon Pon Soft Renewal & Brightening Mild Facial Cleanser

澎澎Soft 低敏洗顏慕斯美白

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High moisturizing and low irritation European patented oatmeal soothes and calms the skin

【High moisturizing】Silome Ceramide

【Low irritation】No additives: soap base, pigment, alcohol, mineral oil, Parabens preservatives

【Optimize skin barrier】11 kinds of amino acids

【200 micron cleansing foam】Dense and delicate, gentle touch Skin, deeply purify the whole face

[Passed the skin sensitivity test] Suitable for normal/dry/sensitive skin

[European patented oatmeal] Soothes and calms the skin

高保濕低刺激 歐洲專利燕麥舒緩鎮定肌膚



【200微米潔顏泡】 濃密細緻,溫柔接觸肌膚,深入全臉淨化

【通過肌膚敏感測試】 一般/乾燥/敏弱肌膚適用



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