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真珠薏仁露**Expiry :03/05/2021**

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◆You can drink it to maintain health.  

  ◆Drink it every day to boost metabolism, and help to maintain beauty and keep youth, so that you can have a rosy complexion and be beautiful every day. 

◆It boosts your beauty. 

◆The natural and skin nourishing pearl powder has the effect of beauty treatment. 

◆The collagen imported from Japan can help to keep the glamour.

◆You can drink without burden. 

◆We insist on not adding the artificial pigments and preservatives. 

◆Because it’s no burden to the body, you can maintain health. 

◆喝出健康維持 ◆天天喝,促進新陳代謝、幫助養顏美容,讓您氣色紅潤美一天。


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