566 Treatment Coloring Cream #7 (Dark Brown)
566染髮霜 #7 (深褐)

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◆It’s the hair color cream that does not contain the allergen PPD.

◆Adding the natural botanical essence—the European patented itch relief formula hydrolyzed wheat protein, and the hair can be black, shiny, and supple after dyeing. Bisabolol that is extracted from natural plants, cooperating with the fresh ginger extract, can decrease the scalp’s discomfort!
◆There are many color systems to choose—the USA professional dyeing unique technology not only can blacken the hoary hair color, but provide new choices of other colors.
◆Less ammonia smell, and less pungent; the process of using is comfortable and safe.
◆Mild and fragrant.
◆Suitable for the use of both men and women; it’s rapid and convenient to redye.




◆低氨味 低刺鼻味—底刺鼻味,使用過程舒適安全。


◆第一劑40g 第二劑40g 潤髮乳30g


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